sunnuntai 7. huhtikuuta 2013

1 vs 100

Welcome to [starlit]! I hope you will enjoy my blog~


Which brings us to the theme of the day!
There is one hundred followers now, one hundred. So this was just a way too delicious opportunity to do this.


to challenge me. 
What would you like to see? Me sewing something epic? Painting your face on paper? Play your favorite song on piano? Take pictures of all the jackets I have? Bring it on! Even if it's just a question you want an answer to, let me hear it.

Naturally, anything that goes way over my comfort zone or are otherwise lethal ideas, will be left out. You will have two weeks' time to throw me with challenges, so to 21.4.2013. After that I'll start taking them on, one by one by one.

To be a good hostess, I'll start by challenging one of you to a blog chess match! 
The first one to take up the challenge will be my opponent.

What you will need is a chess board and a vague idea of the rules of the game. You can remind yourself of them with this [Wikipedia page of rules of chess].
You also should have a blog to play, otherwise this isn't much of a blog chess.
No need for being of a mighty skill. I'm not much of an opponent, I don't play often and for the last three matches I played, I lost each and under 5mins. Ah. But it is still an epic game.

How will we proceed?
We will both post our next move once in a week. Ie both will have a week's time to think, less is ok as well, naturally.
We will post a pic of the move, and state the movement.

For example:

"I'll move a white soldier to b3."
How the picture looks like, is up to you, as long as it will show which soldier/etc it was that got moved on board.

 So that's it. Who of you is brave enough to take up my challenge?

..I didn't scare you all off, did I now?

Chess has a special place in my heart, because it's a game that my father loves. He used to play chess through letters with people all around the world. I bet they had to wait the moves longer than a week sometimes, hehe. Sadly, I haven't inherited his talent in this, but as long as it's fun, does it really matter that much? Nope, it doesn't. Let's have some fun.


As for other things.
Oh my. I have been sewing (and other things, like watching Game of Thrones' (seasons 1 & 2) marathons with [Talu], continued my Roma season 2 marathon and playing) again, and I have set my deadlines for this week, and it starts to look a bit tight. Oh my. Will be busy with that for next three days I suppose.

Now a game is needing my attention, I'll be soon back to check all the updates from the awesome bloggers that I follow. Laters~

10 kommenttia:

  1. No mie voisin ainaski olla rohkea ja haastaa sut pelaileen shakkia! (๑╹∀╹๑)

    1. Done ÖwÖ.
      Voidaan alottaan pelaamaan vaikka jo seuraavasta postauksesta eteenpäin? :D

    2. Toki, alotakko sie vai mie? ^^

  2. Pick an item of clothing that is not yours and totally not your style (borrow it f.ex. from a friend/sibling/anyone) and make it work in an outfit. You can choose the style freely. :D

    1. Sounds very interesting! Maybe I'll go for my sis' collection, for there is tons of colorfull stuff which will suit this challenge well!
      Thank you for participating sweetie~

  3. Heeeeey there!!!! 100 yeah!!!!<3

    Hmmm that sounds.. awesome!!!! Maybe, if you want, to pick some old photos of yours, or with your family, only with siblings or with a pet , any photo and recreate it as you are now! Everything must be the same, or at least look alike! If you don't want to show people's face you can blur it of course! One would be great but of course the more the better! :D

    And if you cannot do that, an other challenge, pick 6 books, any books, go to the 34 page of the first one and pick a sentence. The same to the second book to the 88 page. To the third book to 28. To the forth book to 92. To the fifth book to 133. To the sixth to 172. Took all the sentences to make a small paragraph of your own, a small story, using all the sentences you pick from the pages i wrote you!!!

    <3 Take care sweety <3

    1. Ooh, good one! Must try to find some old pics then xD.

      And I think I'll do this one too!

      Thank you so much for taking part, luv! <33 =w=

  4. Well, this is my challenge for you:

    Teach me how to play chess. Cause I cannot do it at all xD

    1. Haha! Challenge accepted! It will be fun xD.