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Whispers from Forest

Lovely [Miss K] has finished editing the pictures we took and now I'd like to share some with you.
The styling and make-up is by Miss K, accessories and things are from various places. If you would like to model for her, you can contact Miss K through her websites or in her [blog]. She is talented and sweet so don't be afraid.

I like how these pictures turned out and how they form something like a story.

To go with the pictures, I have been tagged some time ago by [The Countess] with Five Things -challenge, so I'll smuggle some answers here, haha. There is also another challenge waiting, but that needs to wait a little bit more.

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5 things you need every day:

1. Breakfast - Can't start a day without. Sometimes it's just a fast little thing, sometimes it must be eaten while running to someplace. Or on good mornings it can be enjoyed with good deal of time, warm cup of tea and something to read.

2. Books - I hardly ever leave home without one. If you can't fit a book in a bag, the bag is too small. I tend to pick a book up everywhere where is even a few minutes to spare.

3. Games - I'm hopelessly and pleasantly addicted to video games. And even though I'm not always able to play every day, I still wish to play everyday, haha. My favorites are beautiful console RGPs with fighting menus and epic plots (Final Fantasies and Shin Megami Tensei's games are on the top of my list). But Guild Wars 2 has also been taking a good deal of time as for late.

4. Paper & 5. Pens - To draw or to write. I usually do both in the old fashioned way, though sometimes some lines may be saved on computer, and I am interested of entering digital painting with some seriousness in some point. But writing feels more real and easy to me when done with a little book and a pen.  And I write or draw pretty much every day.

5 books you would recommend:

1. Lord of the Rings & 2. The Hobbit -Tolkien. Or well, pretty much anything from the author. Such a wide world and written so beautifully. And a big tale, and I love big tales. 

3. Shogun - James Clavell. Surprisingly this one is not from fantasy genre, but adventure. Such a complex plot and interesting turns of events. For someone who likes to stick to one genre like me, this was interesting experience.

4. Good Omens - Practhett & Gaiman. Interesting tale, great writing, wonderful writers. I haven't read this book for a good while, but maybe I should follow my own recommendation and read it some day here.

5. Books by Terry Pratchett. In general really. I'm always send laughing when I read his stories about Discworld.

5 materialistic wishes for Christmas presents:

Already speaking of Christmas? Oh well..

1. Game of Thrones -books. I don't have them yet and my bookshelf is sighing sadly after them. The prettier the better.

2. Lord of The Rings & 3. The Hobbit  (books) in English in some beautiful, collector editions.

3. Harry Potter movies in a box.

4. A beautiful chandelier for my roof. I saw one in an antique shop almost next door. But it cost about 300e so I couldn't afford it myself.

5. Umm. A bookshelf.

5 places you wish to visit 

1. Japan. In general. All of it. I'd like to stay for a good while and travel around. And to see our sensei's dojo, even though I wouldn't dare to actually go there *cough*

2. London. I need to go there. While there I would stroll around the whole city, take a huge load of pictures of historical sites and other buildings.

3. Paris / Versailles / Disneyland. I have been to Paris once, long ago. And would like to visit it again. Versailles is close to it and it would be the high point of my visit for sure. And yes, Disneyland. Mhuhuhu.

4. Old Italian cities. Roma and Venice especially. In Roma I'd be most interested of all the historical sites, in Venice... I'd prolly be sighing on all the bridges and jumping at corners with my camera. But that's pretty much what I do in every place, isn't it?

5. Caribbean islands. And if I can do this trip with a sailing ship, I'd be ... I don't even find the word for it. Any of you who have ever wanted to be a pirate (err, or something) will know why. And how it would feel like.

5 Adjectives that describe you:

1. Absentminded. My nickname, HajaMiel comes from Finnish word for that ("hajamielinen"). I am, I tend to forget things a lot, I also tend to stray from one topic to other a bit too easily.

2. Creative. I suppose, at least there is always something on the way.

3. Calm. Or so they all tell me. I feel far from calm all the time, but it is still one of the first adjectives that people use of me. So maybe it describes me, maybe it doesn't.

4. Kind. I hope I am. And I believe I'm somewhat successful in this. In the other hand some say I'm often too kind.

5. Busy. This one I wish I wasn't but it's a major trait in me nevertheless. I'm always going somewhere, always doing something. It's rather exhausting, but I don't know how not to be.

5 things you'd say to people about life: 

1. Never forget others. Hold those who are important to you close to your heart.

2. Use your time well. Since it's going to end anyway, you'd better use it in a way that you won't regret later.

3. Live well. There is a lot of things you can read into this,.

4. Remember to sleep. I know I should.

5. Dream on.

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  1. What amazing photos! I want that dress! So peaceful and beautiful! <3

    1. Thank you!
      The dress is actually bought by Miss K from a random secondhand shop. It was really fun to dance around with those hems! Haha :D.

  2. Lovely, lovely phoros, can't decide wich one is my favorite!

    1. Thank you! So nice to hear~ I had some hard time choosing which photos to include in this post :,).

  3. Meikkisi on mielestäni kauniilla tavalla jopa hieman creepy :D etenkin toinen ja kolmas kuva saa kylmiä väreitä. Ihania kuvia!

    Ja kiitos haasteesta, tälläistä en ole vielä tehnyt! Teen siis sen mielelläni. :)

    1. Haha, kiitos! Tuo 2. kuva on myös yksi mun suosikeistani :).

      Mainiota! ^^

  4. Kiitos haasteesta, tätä en muistaakseni olekaan tehnyt ^^

    1. Hyvä, hyvä, näistä haasteista on niin vaikea pysyä perillä kuka on tehnyt ja mitä :,).

  5. Ihania kuvia! Jotenkin tuosta kolmannesta tuli sellaiset Gaiman meets Burton -fiilikset :D

    1. Gaiman + Burton = ♥. Eli ei ole voinut mennä pahasti pieleen! Kiitos! :D

  6. Voij, miten ihanat kuvat! ♥ Todella kauniit värit, hienot kuvat ja asu myös. ^^

    1. Kiitos kovasti! Syksy on kyllä tunnelmallista aikaa metsässä, näitä oli hauska kuvata :).

  7. Oh myyyy~ !! ♥ ♥

    Nää on aivan mahtavia, näytät niin upealta ja fiilis kuviin on onnistunut hienosti! :D
    En tunnistanut sua, kun kuvaajasi postasi facebookin kuvailuryhmään yhden kuvan, mitä kävin tykkäileenkin. x)

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Haha, kiitos! ♥

      No ei mikään ihme välttämättä, ei se tavallisin lookki minulle näissä ;). Kuvaaja on ollut ihan tulessa kaikista näistä positiivisista kommenteista ja facebooktykkäyksistä, joten kiitokset myös häneltä!